authors i admire

Sara Ahmed

Australian and British academic. AKA Feminist Killjoy. Brings together feminist theory, queer theory, critical race theory and postcolonialism. Love the way she engages with language to build her arguments.

Floya Anthias

British sociologist. Writes about: intersectionality, translocational positionality, social hierarchies.

Donna Haraway

American scientist and feminist theorist – ecofeminisms and technofeminisms. Most famous for her Cyborg Manifesto, but I like her work on situated knowledges more.

bell hooks

American cultural critic and black feminist theorist. Writes about: race, gender, class, art, media, capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy. serious badass.

Judy Wajcman

British sociologist. Writes about: technofeminism, feminist science and technology studies.


2 responses to “authors i admire

  1. Dar Dr. Martinez Dy,
    Congratulations on your recent doctorate! It is well-earned.
    I just came across your dissertation online and read it with interest. You are taking digital entrepreneurship in a valuable direction. Before reading it, I had assumed, without really thinking about it, that digital entrepreneurship gave women and minorities a more even footing. Now I know better, and a good deal more besides. I hope you go on to publish your findings in both academic and general-audience outlets!

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